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'Everythin's Jake' (LACD340)
Released April 2015

"A masterpiece of nostalgic music. The band display real virtuosity and create a wonderful sound that will be hard for any other band to repeat"

Folk North West

"A wonderful album. Expert musicianship and superb arrangements. "


"Good time music from a good-time group"

The Jazz Rag

“Foot tapping, finger clicking music…I love this album!” 

Shire Folk



Duncan Wilcox - Vocals & double bass 

Neil Hulse - Vocals and guitar

Purcy Harmonica - Vocals, harmonica and saw

Esther Brennan - Vocals and washboard

Andy Anderson - Vocals, banjo and dobro


Mike Pembroke - Trombone

LACD330 - The Jake Leg Jug Band, Everythin's Jake (CD)


    1 Killin' Jive

    2 Mouthful O' Jam

    3 I Ain't No Iceman

    4 Fogyism

    5 Beaumont Rag

    6 Who's Sorry Now

    7 Get 'em From The Peanut Man (Hot Nuts)

    8 Where We'll Never Grown Old 

    9 Hot Feet

    10 Little Rock Getaway

    11 Who Rolled The Stone Away

    12 Farewell Daddy Blues

    13 Kitchen Man

    14 Trouble In Mind

    15 Greasy Greens


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