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'Break A Leg' (LACD354)
Released July 2017

"The new line-up has bedded in very well. There is expert musicianship and great arrangements resulting in a much tighter sounding group. Highly recommended"

Just Jazz

"These guys aren't just treading familiar water... It's an album with surprise around every corner, the intrigue lasts from start to finish"


"If you've never heard them before you are in for a treat.The music is uplifting and expertly arranged. You only have to look at the cover to see the band exudes fun and that is certainly what you get. A thoroughly entertaining album. "

Folk North West

"This is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, get your feet tapping and the endorphins bouncing through your veins...A smorgasbord of vintage classics. Above all it's the expert musicianship and tight arrangements that make it something to savour. "


"A fine set of good-time blues, hokum, country gospel and vintage jazz...the whole CD is good fun, most definitely. "

Harmonica World

"Predominantly up-tempo, cheerful stuff with plenty to sing along to which seems just what we all need. "

Tykes News

"Entertaining lyrics and carefully worked out arrangements. Neil Hulse's guitar shows real blues feeling and Sarah Miller sings splendidly with good diction and plenty of blues and jazz inflections."

The Jazz Rag



Duncan Wilcox - Vocals & double bass 

Neil Hulse - Vocals and guitar

Liam Ward - Vocals, harmonica, jug and kazoo

Sarah Miller - Vocals and washboard

Toby Wilson - Vocals, banjo and dobro

LACD354 - The Jake Leg Jug Band, Break A Leg (CD)


    1 I Can't Dance (I've Got Ants In My Pants)

    2 I Had To Give Up Gym 

    3 I Hate A Man Like You 

    4 Papa De Da Da

    5 I Love Me

    6 On The Road Again

    7 Little Black Train

    8 Stovepipe Blues

    9 My Handy Man

    10 I Want To Ring Bells

    11 Sweet Honey Hole

    12 My Four Reasons

    13 Ma Miller's Black Bottom

    14 Jake Leg Blues

    15 Keep Your Mind On It


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